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A birth's eye view of almost a century

     Lafferriere & Associates Law Firm has more than ninety years of life, but it conserves the style of a typical familiar buffette of Lawyers. This means customized treatment, direct relation between the professional and the client, and an attention determine the proportions exactly to its case, with the maximum of efficiency and professional commitment.

     Founded by Attorney Emilio C. Lafferriere in Victoria, Entre Ríos, in 1913, was transferred to Nogoyá in 1920, where his founder fixed his residence definitive, being pioneering of the local forum, at which he arrived when the Court of First Instance was created.

     He was in Nogoyá where proficient developed to one legal trajectory, political, institutional and educational. Journalist, Councilman, Provincial Representative and Professor, had an outstanding roll in the foundation of the Institute Nogoyá de Secondary Education Level, that soon would be transformed into National School "Dr Antonio Sagarna".

     In 1948 Attorney Ricardo A. Lafferriere, that had to its position the direction until its death, happened in 1974 got up itself to the Firm. In 1970 Attorney Ricardo  Emilio Lafferriere, got up itself assuming the Direction of the bufete from 1974 to 1983 and in 1978 Attorney Carlos A. Lafferriere, both grandsons of the founder. Attorney Carlos A. Lafferriere assumed the Direction in 1983.

     The last familiar incorporations were those of Attorneys Marcos Medrano, Augusto Diego Lafferriere, and Emilio C. Lafferriere.

     Consultancy Department  is under the direction of Accountant Luis Fernando Lafferriere in our country, and in Spain is taken care of by Lic. Jose Luis Gómez López, Director of Global Value Consulting Group, SL.

     Still being an integral Firm, its profile of specialization occurs in civil and commercial area, having developed bonds of high professional confidence with direct correspondents in Spain, Great Britain and Uruguay. In order to take care of penal subjects, we have agreements with prestigious criminal lawyers of the Buenos Aires.

     We also counted on a network of contacts of our maximal confidence in the diverse areas: Accountants, Engineers, Experts, Translators and other aids of the professional work, which allows us to offer to our clients as much efficient and reliable advising as representation.